Euro-Top FrontFix

Material:Polyamide 6
Temperatures:from -20°C to 100°C
temporarily to 150°C
Material: Polyamide 6
Article numberSize ETClamping rangeSW1SW2Connecting thread lengthHGross3D
RAL 7035RAL 7001RAL 9005
FRONTFIX1116 FRONTFIX1216 FRONTFIX1316 M 165.0010.0022229.042.50100
FRONTFIX1120 FRONTFIX1220 FRONTFIX1320 M 206.0012.0024249.041.5050
FRONTFIX1121 FRONTFIX1221 FRONTFIX1321 M 207.0013.0025259.041.5050
FRONTFIX1125 FRONTFIX1225 FRONTFIX1325 M 2511.0017.0029299.043.5025
FRONTFIX1132 FRONTFIX1232 FRONTFIX1332 M 3215.0021.0036369.049.5025
FRONTFIX1140 FRONTFIX1240 FRONTFIX1340 M 4019.0028.00464611.556.0020
All data in millimeter or gram
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