Cable Entries

Cable glands for industrial, EMC, Ex or hygienic applications and cable entry frames with industry specific approvals.

Euro-Top FrontFix

Material:Nickel Plated Brass
Temperatures:from -20°C to 100°C
temporarily to 150°C
Connecting Thread:Ohne


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Data Sheets / Installation instructions

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Mounting Instruction
Material: Nickel Plated Brass; Connecting Thread: Ohne
Article numberSize ETClamping rangeSW1SW2Connecting thread lengthHGross
Standard Sealing, Chloroprene
FRONTFIX6016M 165.0010.0020209.045.0050
FRONTFIX6020M 206.0012.0022229.044.0050
FRONTFIX6025M 2511.0017.0027279.046.0010
FRONTFIX6032M 3215.0021.0034349.054.0010
FRONTFIX6040M 4019.0028.0043439.062.005
Reducing Sealing, Chloroprene
FRONTFIX6016RM 163.007.0020209.045.0050
FRONTFIX6020RM 205.009.0022229.044.0050
FRONTFIX6025RM 258.0013.0027279.046.0010
FRONTFIX6032RM 3211.0015.0034349.054.0010
FRONTFIX6040RM 4019.0028.0043439.060.005
Unless otherwise stated, all data in millimeters or pieces (quantity)