Cable Entries

Cable glands for industrial, EMC, Ex or hygienic applications and cable entry frames with industry specific approvals.


Material:Nickel Plated Brass
Temperatures:from -20°C to +95°C
Connecting Thread:M


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Data Sheets / Installation instructions

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Mounting Instruction
Ex e cable gland made for screened cable (EMC). Screening ends in the cable gland (360° contact system).
Material: Nickel Plated Brass; Connecting Thread: M
Article numberSize ETClamping rangeSW1SW2Connecting thread lengthHGross
Standard Sealing, Perbunan
HU1616120051M 12 x
HU1616120050M 12 x
HU1616160051M 16 x
HU1616160050M 16 x 1.56.0010.0020206.022.001
HU1616200051M 20 x 1.57.0012.0024246.023.001
HU1616200050M 20 x 1.510.0014.0024246.023.001
HU1616250051M 25 x 1.510.0016.0030307.024.001
HU1616320051M 32 x 1.513.0020.0040408.031.001
HU1616250050M 25 x 1.514.0018.0030307.024.001
HU1616320050M 32 x 1.520.0025.0040408.031.001
HU1616400051M 40 x 1.520.0026.0050508.037.001
HU1616400050M 40 x 1.522.0032.0050508.037.001
HU1616500051M 50 x 1.525.0031.0057579.037.001
HU1616630051M 63 x 1.529.0035.00646810.038.001
HU1616500050M 50 x 1.532.0038.0057579.037.001
HU1616630050M 63 x 1.537.0044.00646810.038.001
Unless otherwise stated, all data in millimeters or pieces (quantity)