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Connecting Thread Sealing Ring

Temperatures:from -190°C to 400°C
Connecting Thread:M / NPT


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Material: Fibre; Connecting Thread: M
Article numberSize ETDiDHGross
00221245M 1212.0018.001.50bulk
00221645M 1616.0022.001.50bulk
00222045M 2020.0027.001.50bulk
00222545M 2525.0035.001.50bulk
00223245M 3232.0043.001.50bulk
00224045M 4040.0055.001.50bulk
00225045M 5050.0069.001.50bulk
00226345M 6363.0082.002.00bulk
00227545M 7575.0094.002.00bulk
00229045M 9090.00110.002.00bulk
00221145M 110110.00130.002.00bulk
All data in millimeter or gram
Material: Fibre; Connecting Thread: NPT
Article numberSize ETDiDHGross
00239038NPT 3/8 "17.4022.001.50bulk
00239012NPT 1/2 "21.9031.001.50bulk
00239034NPT 3/4 "27.3035.001.50bulk
00239010NPT 1 "34.1043.001.50bulk
00239114NPT 1 1/4 "42.9059.001.50bulk
00239112NPT 1 1/2 "49.0069.001.50bulk
00239020NPT 2 "61.0079.002.00bulk
00239212NPT 2 1/2 "74.1094.002.00bulk
00239300NPT 3 "89.90110.002.00bulk
00239312NPT 3 1/2 "102.60119.002.00bulk
00239414NPT 4 "115.30130.002.00bulk
All data in millimeter or gram