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Connecting Thread Sealing Ring

Temperatures:from -30°C to 90°C
Connecting Thread:M / PG


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Material: Polyethylene; Connecting Thread: M
Article numberSize ETDiDHGross
08501512M 1212.0016.02.00bulk
08501516M 1616.0020.02.00bulk
08501520M 2020.4024.02.00bulk
08501525M 2525.0029.02.00bulk
08501532M 3232.0036.02.00bulk
08501540M 4040.0045.02.00bulk
08501550M 5050.0056.02.00bulk
08501563M 6363.0070.02.00bulk
All data in millimeter or gram
Material: Polyethylene; Connecting Thread: PG
Article numberSize ETDiDHGross
08501407PG 712.5016.52.00bulk
08501409PG 915.2019.02.00bulk
08501411PG 1118.6022.52.00bulk
08501413PG 13.520.4025.02.00bulk
08501416PG 1622.5027.02.00bulk
08501421PG 2128.3033.53.00bulk
08501429PG 2937.0043.53.00bulk
08501436PG 3647.0055.03.00bulk
08501442PG 4254.0063.03.00bulk
08501448PG 4859.3069.03.00bulk
All data in millimeter or gram