Pressure Equalisation Solutions

Pressure balance elements and pressure balance cable glands to prevent the formation of condensation in electronic and electrotechnical components.

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Easily calculate the type and number of pressure equalisation solutions that make sense for your application.

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Material:Polyamid 6.6 (spezielle Gegenmutter Polyamid 6 GF 30)
Flat seal:EPDM
Temperatures:from -40°C to 100°C
Protection Class:IP66
Connecting Thread:Metric


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Material: Polyamid 6.6 (spezielle Gegenmutter Polyamid 6 GF 30); Connecting Thread: M
Article numberWater passage
ΔP=min. 70 mbar l/h
Size ETSWSW1Connecting thread lengthDHPU
RAL 7001RAL 9005RAL 7035
11088512DP1.8M 12171812.019.0017.501
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