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Dome Head Stopping Plug Ex

Material:Polyamide 6
Temperatures:from -20,00°C to 40,00°C
Connecting Thread:Metric


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Data Sheets / Installation instructions

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Data Sheet
Mounting Instruction
Material: Polyamide 6; Connecting Thread: M
Article numberSize ETConnecting thread lengthDhexagon socketPU3D
PDE400300M 16 x 1.510.020.5101
PDE400400M 20 x 1.510.024.5101
PDE400500M 25 x 1.510.029.5101
PDE400600M 32 x 1.510.036.5101
PDE400700M 40 x 1.510.044.5101
PDE400800M 50 x 1.510.054.5101
PDE400900M 63 x 1.510.067.5101
PDE401000M 75 x 1.510.079.5101
Unless otherwise stated, all data in millimeters or pieces (quantity)