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Environmental and climate protection? A naturalness for us!

Few topics are more in focus today than environmental and climate protection. We continuously improve our processes to meet this global responsibility. Detailed information on this can now be found under the new menu item Environment added recently to our website. We also take a closer look there at the following topics …

General packaging material

With regard to our environment, we also ask you to sort and dispose of packaging materials according to the generally applicable requirements. That’s the only way can we do something good for our environment together.

For heavier products, we use bags made of LD-PE (low density polyethylene). These should be sent for recycling where they can be almost 100% reused.

For lighter products, we use packaging made of recycled cardboard. Used cardboard packaging should also be sent for recycling in order to keep the need for new goods as low as possible. That saves energy, water and chemicals. You can recognise the cardboard boxes we reuse by the stamp “Box reused. We care about nature!”.

RoHS und REACh

Legal requirements regarding the protection of society and the environment must be observed in the production, storage and distribution of any product. For this reason, the fullest possible compliance with the EU Directives REACH and RoHS plays a particularly important role for us.

ISO 14001

We ensure that our suppliers are certified according to ISO 14001 and can therefore prove that they have an appropriate environmental management system in place.


The issue of environmental and climate protection is a matter that is very dear to us. We don’t just talk, but act and work constantly on optimising our internal processes.

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Oliver Kalmey
Head of Sales