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Pressure Equalisation Elements available in smaller design from now on

Our pressure equalisation elements for your enclosures

Pressure equalisation elements have become indispensable today in many sectors in light of the wealth of potential applications, for example in measurement and control technology, the automation sector, solar and wind energy, the food industry or power plant technology, to name just a few. Why is this the case? 

Pressure equalisation elements prevent condensation from developing

Air exchanges can occur especially in tightly-sealed enclosures because of pressure differences caused by fluctuations in temperature. This can lead to condensation developing when air flows from the enclosure’s environment into the inside of the enclosure. Potential outcomes include short circuits and even complete device failure.

Our pressure equalisation elements are easy to install and equipped with a special hydrophobic, air permeable membrane so that the pressure difference and therefore in end effect the development of condensation can be avoided.

The elements balance the internal pressure in tightly sealed electronic and electrical components with the external pressure and thus reduce the need for costly and complicated casing heating devices. Maintenance costs are also reduced significantly, and the reliability and image of the product enhanced accordingly. 

Polyamide or stainless steel

We offer pressure equalisation elements made from polyamide as well as stainless steel in various sizes to resolve the problem of condensation for as many applications as possible. New are the smaller and space-saving designs in sizes M6x0.75 and M8x1.0 made of polyamide. A complete product overview including all technical information for our pressure equalisation elements as well as our breathers and drainers (also available with nickel plating) can be found here

How many pressure equalisation elements are needed for an application?

This is a frequently asked question, which can be answered reliably using our pressure equalisation calculator

Are you interested in our solutions on the topic of pressure equalisation? We will be happy to advise you personally, and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need more information.