Discover our wide range of accessories for various applications.

Large range of accessories for a wide variety of applications

In the field of cable entry technology, accessories are an indispensable aid. RST has established itself as a specialist in this field over several decades - and not only in Germany. As an owner-managed company, we are active internationally in 47 countries. Our customers particularly appreciate the broad and well-structured selection of accessories for use in the field of cable entry and fastening technology. In addition to a broad portfolio of products for industrial applications, we offer numerous solutions for use in potentially explosive atmospheres as well as for applications in which the issue of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) plays a decisive role.


Material:Chloroprene (for Euro-Top MS); Chloroprene (for Euro-Top PA)
Einsatztemperatur:from -40°C to 120°C

Approvals / Test Reports / Declarations

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Data Sheets / Installation Instructions

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Material: Chloroprene (for Euro-Top MS)
Article NumberClamping RangeH1Ersetzt Stand.-Klemmb.DHeight
00180407MDS2.006.507.103.0 -
00180409MDS3.008.007.504.0 -
00180411MDS3.0010.0010.405.0 - 10.013.712.40
00180413MDS5.0012.008.46.0 -
00180416MDS7.0014.009.3010.0 -
00184525MDS8.0017.0010.7011.0 - 17.020.413.20
00180421MDS9.0018.0012.2013.0 - 18.022.914.70
00184532MDS11.0021.0014.2015.0 -
00180429MDS13.0025.0014.0018.0 - 25.030.516.50
00184540MDS16.0028.0017.219.0 -
00180436MDS20.0032.0017.022.0 -
00180442MDS21.0038.0017.2030.0 -
00180448MDS27.0044.0018.5034.0 -
Unless otherwise stated, all data in millimeters or pieces (quantity)
* Minimum order quantity (MOQ) can be larger than packaging unit (PU).
Material: Chloroprene (for Euro-Top PA)
Article NumberClamping RangeH1Ersetzt Stand.-Klemmb.DHeight
00180407PDS2.006.507,13.0 -
00180409PDS3.008.007,04.0 -
00180411PDS3.0010.0010,45.0 - 10.013.711.40
00180413PDS5.0012.008,46.0 -
00180416PDS7.0014.009,310.0 -
00184525PDS8.0017.0010,711.0 - 17.020.411.70
00180421PDS9.0018.0012,213.0 - 18.022.913.20
00184532PDS11.0021.0014,215.0 -
00180429PDS13.0025.001418.0 - 25.030.515.00
00184540PDS16.0028.0017,019.0 -
00180436PDS20.0032.0016,822.0 -
00180442PDS21.0038.0016,530.0 -
00180448PDS27.0044.0016,534.0 -
Unless otherwise stated, all data in millimeters or pieces (quantity)
* Minimum order quantity (MOQ) can be larger than packaging unit (PU).