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Euro-Top FrontFix
The new Euro-Top FrontFix is a unique and to date one-of-a-kind cable gland concept, which eliminates the need for traditional connection technology using threaded fittings or lock nuts. A special locking mechanism simplifies assembly considerably and means that time savings of approx. 70 percent can be achieved realistically compared with commercially available threaded cable glands.

Videos offering detailled information

Pressure Balance Element 
Find out more about the function of our new 4th generation Pressure Balance Elements. They are UL-approved, UV-resistant and the new membrane enables a very high air passage.

Euro-Top DAE-KV
Find out more about how it functions; our new cable gland with integrated pressure balance function, which combines into a single product the advantages of a cable gland and those of a pressure compensation element.

Euro Top EMC (4th generation)
Find out more about the function of our new 4th generation Euro-Top EMC, which ensures a speedy assembly and contacting of screened cables. 

Euro-Top Hygienic
Cable Gland
Learn more about how our new stainless steel cable gland (1.4305 / 303) works. It is especially suitable for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries and can easily be cleaned by high pressure cleaner (IP68, IP69K).

Euro-Top FrontFix
The Euro-Top FrontFix provides a time saving of up to 70 % compared to conventional cable glands: find out more in this video about the innovative concept of our unique quick-assembly cable gland.

The Pressure Balance Element for Li-ion batteries
In addition to the pressure equalization function, which prevents the formation of condensed water and extends the life of the overall system, the new safety DAE offers another function that was specially designed for battery systems: If the pressure is too high, the DAE opens and gives way to hot gases free to the outside and prevents an explosion of the entire battery housing.

Fast, safe, unique - this is how cable glands work today.
The Euro-Top FrontFix can be installed in next to no time and doesn´t need a connection thread. The unique and patented connection concept makes it possible. Stabilising the cable gland inside the enclosure is just as superfluous as using a lock nut. Aroused interest? Contact us!