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Why RST?

As a family business, we have been successfully developing, manufacturing and distributing components for electrotechnical applications for 35 years.

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Videos on how our products work

Euro-Top FrontFix cable glands from RST

Lightning-fast installation thanks to the SNAP solution - without any connection threads.

ARSVD pressure balance element from RST

The Auto Reversible Ventilation Safety Device (ARSVD) was specially developed as a SNAP solution for battery systems and Li-ion batteries.

Functionality of REDAPT pressure balance elements (PBE) and drainage nozzles from EATON

The video from our partner company Eaton gives a very good insight into how pressure balance elements (PBE) from the Redapt product line are used in practice.

Euro-Top DAE-KV

Learn more about the functionality of our new cable gland with integrated pressure compensation function, which combines the advantages of a cable gland with those of a pressure compensation element in one product.

Euro-Top FrontFix

The new Euro-Top FrontFix offers a cable gland concept that is unique of its kind to date, dispensing with conventional connection techniques by thread or locknut. A special snap-in mechanism facilitates assembly considerably, making a time saving of around 70% in relation to commercially available cable glands absolutely realistic.

Pressure compensation element

Learn more about how our new 4th generation pressure equalization elements work. These are UL approved, UV resistant and allow for extra high airflow.

Euro-Top EMC (4th generation)

Learn more about how our new 4th generation Euro-Top EMC works, which allows quick assembly and contacting of shielded cables.

The pressure equalization element for Li-ion batteries

The new safety DAE (pressure equalization element) offers not only the pressure equalization function, which prevents the formation of condensation and extends the service life of the overall system, but also another function designed specifically for battery systems: If the pressure is too high, the DAE opens and gives way to hot gases to the outside and prevents the entire battery housing from exploding.

T and Y adapters for use in hazardous and standard areas

If you want to feed two cables through a through-hole into an enclosure, there are several possibilities in this respect. Cable glands with multiple sealing inserts are particularly suitable for solving this problem. But what if the two cables to be inserted do not fit through the cable gland (e.g. opening in the cap nut too small), or if Ex e/d approval is required. One possibility would be to work with potting glands. However, these are relatively costly and sometimes complicated to handle. Another and much simpler option is to use a T or Y adapter. These adapter types are mounted on the housing and fitted with a cable gland at each of the two distribution points. This video provides a brief introduction to the field of T and Y adapters.