Cable Assemblies

Cable assemblies with various connectors, ribbon cables, processing of individual stands or the production of connection cables for servo drives.

Cable assemblies

We offer you customized solutions for cable assemblies in all areas of application. A wide product range of electromechanical components and cables means that almost all requirements can be met. Our services apply to individual pieces for sample and prototype needs as well as to large or small series.

We manufacture a variety of connectors and cable combinations for various industrial applications for the transmission of energy, signals and data.

  • Manufacture of connection cables among others for drive technology, mechanical engineering, automation, robot technology, etc.
  • Connection cables for e-mobility
  • Assemblies with circular and rectangular connectors
  • Assemblies with ribbon cables
  • Single strand processing
  • Manufacture of connection lines for printed circuit boards:
    • Board-to-board assemblies
    • Wire-to-wire assemblies
    • Board-to-board assemblies

Our service includes the labeling or marking of cables and wires according to customer requirements. We deliver in specified container (for example rolled and / or bundled). Cable and stranded ends can be supplied pushed together, pre-tinned or equipped with end sleeves.

We manufacture cable harnesses and pluggable connections specifically according to your specifications. The production of individual pieces is also part of our portfolio.