Cable Entries

Cable glands for industrial, EMC, Ex or hygienic applications and cable entry frames with industry specific approvals.

Cable assemblies & cable harness manufacturing

We offer customised solutions for cable assemblies in all application areas. Our services apply to single items for samples and prototypes as well as to large and small batches.

We produce the following cable assemblies for our customers: 

  1. Assemblies with circular connectors and rectangular connectors
    In principle, we can work with all round and rectangular connectors from other manufacturers.

  2. Production of cables for servo drives
    Many servo drive manufacturers offer proprietary cables for their drives, for which they have specification-dependent item numbers that can be recoded and
    a) either assembled using the specified connectors and wires or
    b) suitable alternatives offered

  3. Assemblies with ribbon cables
    IDC (insulation displacement contact) technology with ribbon cable in standar

  4. Single-wire production
    Mounting: with blade terminal receptacles, ferrules and ring cable shoe.
    We are currently able to produce single wires up to 90 mm².
  6. Other assemblies
    Custom assemblies must first be examined to verify their feasibility. Among others, this includes HF connectors (BNC), cable connectors, sensor and actuator connectors, custom electronics connectors, CEE connectors, and connectors for PCBs. 
  7. Service
    We can label or mark cables and wires per customer specification, we can supply them in specified configurations (e.g. rolled and/or bundled), and we can pre-tin cable and wire ends or fit them with ferrules.

Cable harnesses

We manufacture cable harnesses and plug-in connectors to match your specifications. Producing single items is also part of our portfolio. 

Cable harnesses pose special assembly challenges, making them the premium class in assembly.

A cable harness is a systematic arrangement linking individual cables to an integrated electronic system; a cable set is usually considered to be a smaller and less complex cable harness, often comprising only a few cables and connectors.

Cable harnesses can vary in complexity depending on their application. Smaller cable harnesses or cable sets can usually be found in electrical devices. 

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