Cable assemblies

We supply cable assemblies with various connectors, flat ribbon cables, single strand processing or produce connecting cables for servo drives.

What are cable assemblies?

Cable assemblies are the manufacture and production of ready-to-connect cables, cable harnesses and complete cable harnesses including assembly with various connectors and contacts. These are required in many industries where the transmission paths are electronic, preferably for connecting cables for servo drives.


We accompany you from product development and sampling to the supply of small or large series and are happy to use our expertise to also point out alternative solution options.

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Cable assemblies from RST with numerous possibilities "Made in Mönchengladbach"

Numerous companies in the fields of mechanical and plant engineering as well as electrical engineering and automation already use our customized solutions for cable systems and industrial cabling in a wide range of applications. Our demand-oriented production is carried out under continuous quality monitoring.

In addition, we prepare initial sample test reports (EMPB) in each case and guarantee batch traceability in accordance with UL Wiring Harness according to ZPFW2 and ZPFW8 on request. A wide product range of electromechanical components and cables enables us to meet almost all requirements.

At the beginning of 2023, we extensively modernized and expanded our manufacturing site in Mönchengladbach-Wickrath, where connector and cable combinations for various industrial applications for the transmission of energy, signals and data have already been processed for many years.

The experienced team cuts, labels, crimps, assembles, tests and packs there precisely fitting solutions according to customer specifications:

  • Cable and wire assemblies with various connectors, contacts and other peripherals.
  • Hybrid cable assemblies
  • Manufacturing of connecting cables for PCB
  • Board-To-Board
  • Wire-To-Wire
  • Flat ribbon cables
  • Single strand processing
  • Connecting leads for servo drives for all manufacturer standards
  • Component potting manufacturing

In addition, we can offer cable-related services according to your ideas, which simplify your goods logistics, save you a lot of time or guarantee your individual processes.

Stranded and single strand processing (0.25mm² to 95mm²)

We assemble either with flat receptacles, wire end ferrules, ring cable lugs or customer-specific contacts flexibly according to your specifications.

Cable assemblies

We assemble optionally with round and rectangular connectors, D-SUB miniature connectors, sensor or actuator connectors as well as IDC components.

Our range of services also includes

In addition, we assemble and wire electronic housings, label and mark cables and wires, deliver in individual packages and carry out tin-plating and soldering work for small quantities.

Why is professional design so important in cable assemblies?

Cable assembly is an essential element of functionality in plants, vehicles, industrial equipment and processes. It is therefore all the more important to be able to rely on their functionality and performance. High demands are therefore rightly placed on the development of assemblies and cable harness production.

To meet these, cable systems are designed as ready-to-connect segments, depending on the area of application. For complex applications, the cable assemblies are designed or represented three-dimensionally using CAD programs. This makes it possible to define specific assembly points and other technical parameters such as cable lengths and fasteners as early as the development phase.

Especially for the American market: cable assemblies with marking according to UL Wiring Harness

For end products that contain cables and wires and are intended for the North American market, marking in accordance with UL Wiring Harness is often required. This ensures that the installed components can be traced.

RST has obtained UL certification as a manufacturer of cable assemblies to UL (Underwriter Labratories) and, with the Wiring Harness label to ZPFW2 (USA) and ZPFW8 (CANADA), ensures that all components and materials under UL file number E520455 comply with current UL standards.

On the one hand, this traceability program guarantees that UL-specific product requirements and processes for cable assemblies are met by our production facility. Second, it ensures the identification and traceability of all cable assemblies based on lot numbers, manufacturing dates and manufacturing locations. The outer packaging is marked with special labels to indicate that these cable assemblies were manufactured in accordance with UL Wiring Harness requirements.


In particular, customers and interested parties who supply cable assemblies as components for end applications on the North American market are thus on the safe side. Underwriters Laboratories Incorporated continuously monitors compliance with the required standard in terms of components, materials and processes by inspectors using a secure and traceable procedure. Annual audits ensure that the specified standards are permanently maintained.

Do you have a requirement for cable assemblies marked in accordance with UL Wiring Harness?

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