Discover our wide range of accessories for various applications.

Large range of accessories for a wide variety of applications

Accessories - often underestimated and yet so important

In the field of cable entry technology, accessories are an indispensable aid. RST has established itself as a specialist in this field over several decades - and not only in Germany. As an owner-managed company, we are active internationally in more than 45 countries. Our customers particularly appreciate the broad and well-structured selection of accessories for use in the field of cable entry and fastening technology. In addition to a broad portfolio of products for industrial applications, we offer numerous solutions for use in potentially explosive atmospheres as well as for applications in which the issue of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) plays a decisive role.


Material:Nickel Plated Brass
Connecting Thread:Metric; PG

Approvals / Test Reports / Declarations

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Data Sheets / Installation Instructions

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Material: Nickel Plated Brass; Connecting Thread: M
Article NumberEntry ThreadInner ThreadSWLDiHeightPU
61091207M 12 x 1.5PG 7145.08.0010.00100
61091609M 16 x 1.5PG 9185.012.0011.50100
61091611M 16 x 1.5PG 11205.012.5011.00100
61092011M 20 x 1.5PG 11226.015.0011.00100
61092013M 20 x 1.5PG 13.5226.015.0012.50100
61092016M 20 x 1.5PG 16246.015.0013.5050
61092521M 25 x 1.5PG 21307.020.0015.0050
61093229M 32 x 1.5PG 29408.026.0016.5025
61094036M 40 x 1.5PG 36509.034.0019.5025
61095042M 50 x 1.5PG 425710.044.0022.005
61096348M 63 x 1.5PG 486610.054.0023.005
Unless otherwise stated, all data in millimeters or pieces (quantity)
Material: Nickel Plated Brass; Connecting Thread: PG
Article NumberEntry ThreadInner ThreadSWLDiHeightPU
61070712PG 7M 12 x 1.5145.09.0010.00100
61070916PG 9M 16 x 1.5196.012.2010.00100
61071116PG 11M 16 x 1.5226.013.0010.00100
61071320PG 13.5M 20 x 1.5246.516.0011.00100
61071620PG 16M 20 x 1.5276.518.5011.00100
61071625PG 16M 25 x 1.5306.518.5012.00100
61072125PG 21M 25 x 1.5327.023.0012.00100
61072132PG 21M 32 x 1.5367.023.0013.00100
61072940PG 29M 40 x 1.5438.032.0013.0050
61073650PG 36M 50 x 1.5559.042.0014.0025
61074263PG 42M 63 x 1.56510.048.0015.0010
Unless otherwise stated, all data in millimeters or pieces (quantity)