Cable glands

Cable glands for industrial, EMC, Ex or railroad applications as well as cable entry frames with approvals typical for the industry.

Cable entries - inconspicuous and yet indispensable

In the field of electrical installation, cable entries are an indispensable aid. RST has established itself as a specialist in this field over several decades - and not only in Germany. As an owner-managed company, we are active internationally in more than 45 countries. Our customers particularly appreciate our broad and well-structured range of electrotechnical and mechanical products for use in the field of cable entry and fastening. In addition to a broad portfolio of products for industrial applications, we offer numerous solutions for use in potentially explosive atmospheres as well as for applications in which the issue of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) plays a decisive role.

Expertise EMC


Highlight: Euro-Top EMC Ampacity

A highlight in terms of perfect derating properties is our EMC cable gland type "Euro-Top EMC Ampacity". It was specially developed to dissipate high electrical fault currents. A highly efficient contact system with the largest possible effective cross-section ensures low-resistance derivation of the current. This is not only interesting for the railroad sector, the wind power sector or for battery and energy storage solutions, but also for many other high-voltage applications.

Euro-Top EMC Ampacity


Material:Polyamide 6
Sealing:Polychloroprene Nitrile Rubber
Temperatures:from -20°C to 100°C
Protection Class:IP68
Connecting Thread:Metric; PG

Approvals / Test Reports / Declarations

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You can find an article-specific allocation of approvals at article level or in the cross-reference list.

Data Sheets / Installation Instructions

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Mounting Instruction

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Material: Polyamide 6; Connecting Thread: M
Article NumberEntry ThreadClamping RangeSWSW1LH max.PU
RAL 7035RAL 7001RAL 9005
Standard Sealing, Polychloroprene Nitrile Rubber
13380512M 12 x
13380516M 16 x 1.55.0010.00222215.094.50100
13380520M 20 x 1.56.0012.00242411.0101.5050
13380522M 20 x 1.510.0014.00272715.0116.0025
13380525M 25 x 1.513.0018.00333315.0132.5025
Unless otherwise stated, all data in millimeters or pieces (quantity)
Material: Polyamide 6; Connecting Thread: PG
Article NumberEntry ThreadClamping RangeSWSW1LH max.PU
RAL 7035RAL 7001RAL 9005
Standard Sealing, Polychloroprene Nitrile Rubber
13380407PG 73.006.5015158.063.00100
13380409PG 94.008.0019198.074.00100
13380411PG 115.0010.0022228.087.00100
13380413PG 13.56.0012.0024249.098.0050
13380416PG 1610.0014.00272710.0112.0025
13380421PG 2113.0018.00333311.0130.0025
Unless otherwise stated, all data in millimeters or pieces (quantity)

Cable glands for industrial applications

In the field of industrial electrical installation, cable glands are an indispensable aid. In this field, RST from Wallenhorst near Osnabrück has established itself as a specialist in the cable gland segment: Standard and EMC, for explosion-proof areas, made of metal or plastic, with metric, PG thread or NPT thread as well as without thread. As an owner-managed company, we are now active on an international level and have expanded our business to more than 45 countries. We offer our customers a well-assorted product range in the field of cable glands and accessories.

Expertise and further useful information on EMC cable glands can be found here:

Expertise EMC Cable Glands

Cable glands with flexible thread selection

Cable glands are an ideal solution for safely inserting cables and wires - with or without shielding - into electronic housings and for protecting electronic components inside these usually highly sealed housings from damage or undesirable external influences such as dust or moisture. For this reason, we offer a wide range of different cable glands. In order to ensure the most stable connection possible between cables or conductors and enclosures, such as those of an electrical control cabinet, you will find cable glands with different thread types in our product selection:

  • Metric thread, EN 60423
  • PG thread, DIN 40430
  • NPT thread, ANSI B1.20.1

The metric thread - also M-thread - according to EN 60423 is the most common and most sold thread in Europe. Cable glands with armoured conduit thread or PG cable glands are still manufactured, but are increasingly being replaced by metric glands. The third variant is the NPT thread, which is widely used on the American market. The NPT thread is characterized by the fact that it is self-sealing and thus the use of additional sealants can be dispensed with.

Important technical data of our cable glands

The following is a brief overview of other technical data of our cable glands:

Clamping ranges:

  • 2 - 77 mm

protection classes:

  • IP 44
  • IP 54
  • IP 55
  • IP 65
  • IP 66
  • IP 67
  • IP 68
  • IP 69

Temperature ranges:

  • -60 degrees to + 200degrees
Cable glands made of different materials

Different materials are used for RST cable glands, depending on the requirements and the application:

  • Cable gland made of polyamide
  • Cable gland made of brass (nickel-plated)
  • Cable gland made of stainless steel

Depending on the purpose and stress, it makes sense to use a cable gland made of plastic or a cable gland made of metal. A cable gland made of brass is preferably used in connection with electromagnetic compatibility.

Cable glands from RST - competence that connects

Our products have the following approvals, among others:


and have been tested according to the following standards, among others:

  • EN 62444
  • NEMA 4X (50E)
  • UL 514B
  • CSA C22.2

Due to our many years of experience and expertise in the field of industrial electrical installations, we can offer you individual solutions for your requirements. As an internationally experienced company in the field of cable glands, we offer our business partners a competent and courteous service far beyond the national borders. Our team is always available for your concerns, we look forward to hearing from you!