We do not talk but act

We take an active approach to social responsibility an attach great importance to being part of a successful community.

Our region. Our young talent. Our passion.

Doing good is part of the RST tradition. We take an active approach to social responsibility and attach great importance to being part of a successful community. And this doesn't just apply to the company itself. We regard ourselves as an integral part of the region in which we live, which is why we are dedicated to supporting our region: in sport, at school, and in fostering qualified young talent.

  • RST promotes sports clubs. For example, we have created the www.blauweisshollage.com website and are responsible for its technical support. We are also helping Blau-Weiß Hollage to organise its international Whitsun tournament that attracts U14 football teams from all over Europe.

  • RST supports education in schools and pre-schools. The welfare of the youngest among us is close to our hearts. This is why our company founder Wolfgang Rabe created the "Sandkasten-Ingenieure" (Sandpit Engineers), in collaboration with the Osnabrück-Emsland district association of the VDI (Association of German Engineers) and Osnabrück University. Initiated in 2007, the project aims to instil interest in the science and technology among young children in schools and pre-schools, but in a playful way.

  • RST promotes religion and culture. We support the FAND e.V. - Förderverein der Ev.-Luth. Andreasgemeinde Wallenhorst (Friends of the Protestant-Lutheran Church of St. Andrew in Wallenhorst).  Established in 2009, FAND e.V. campaigns on behalf of socially disadvantaged and disabled people. For more help from the heart! Swift and with no bureaucratic obstacles.  

  • RST has a strong commitment to young people and STEM. Companies, educational establishments, the town of Wallenhorst, the Bürgerstiftung Wallenhorst (a community foundation) and the district of Osnabrück have come together to establish the "MINT Netzwerk Wallenhorst – Gemeinsam aktiv für unsere Zukunft", a network that promotes the teaching of the STEM subjects. We were one of the initiators of this network, and are committed to awakening a lifelong interest in mathematics, information sciences, natural sciences, and technology among young people.

  • RST for our region. Wallenhorst is where we live. Hollage is the home of our founding family. This is why we have set up the www.hollage.de website. This idea behind this website is to preserve and record the traditions of this historical district of Wallenhorst. It's a piece of local history that the people of the area can contribute to by telling their own stories and posting their photos.

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