Conduit systems

Conduit systems and fittings for various applications.

Conduit systems - robust and flexible at the same time

As an official distributor of the company FLEXICON, we offer our customers protective hose systems made of metal and plastic as well as the associated hose fittings and accessories. FLEXICON has a broad portfolio of products for use in building technology, production and automation, railroad technology and also for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. In addition, together with FLEXICON, RST offers special solutions for individual requirements such as high mechanical load capacities or chemical resistances. It goes without saying that all products have the usual and, in some cases, application-specific approvals.


A special highlight is the Flexicon ULTRA®. This is probably one of the world's best hose fittings. The Flexicon ULTRA® can be used even in the harshest environments and in technically demanding applications and significantly exceeds the requirements of various standards (e.g. in terms of strain relief values). Details about the Flexicon ULTRA® can be found here.


Material:Nickel Plated Brass
Flat seal:
Temperatures:from -20°C to 85°C
Protection Class:IP66 (Schlauch berücksichtigen)
Connecting Thread:Metric

Approvals / Test Reports / Declarations

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You can find an article-specific allocation of approvals at article level or in the cross-reference list.

Data Sheets / Installation Instructions

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Mounting Instruction
Material: Nickel Plated Brass; Connecting Thread: M
Article NumberEntry ThreadSizeSWSW1LDiHeightPU
LTP16-M16-EXEM 16 x 1.516262412.010.721.210
LTP16-M20-EXEM 20 x 1.516262412.010.721.210
LTP20-M20-EXEM 20 x 1.520292612.014.521.710
LTP25-M25-EXEM 25 x 1.525353314.01826.710
LTP32-M32-EXEM 32 x 1.532424015.024.6312
LTP40-M40-EXEM 40 x 1.540525016.032.731.71
LTP50-M50-EXEM 50 x 1.550585818.037.735.21
LTP63-M63-EXEM 63 x 1.563707020.049391
Unless otherwise stated, all data in millimeters or pieces (quantity)

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