Pressure Equalisation Solutions

Pressure balance elements and pressure balance cable glands to prevent the formation of condensation in electronic and electrotechnical components.

Pressure compensation elements - a must for high degrees of protection

Condensation forms quickly in particularly tight enclosures because humidity cannot escape. Sweating enclosures are particularly prevalent in locations with changing temperatures. Temperature fluctuations inside enclosures also lead to condensation - the more often, the more damaging it is for the equipment. Short circuits can be the result, as can complete equipment failure due to the loss of IP protection. An easy-to-install element, which in most cases is equipped with a gas-permeable and hydrophobic as well as oleophobic special membrane foil, can be used to create an appropriate pressure equalization.

Expertise PBE


Pressure balance elements with valve function

Our new VSD, ARSD and ARVSD safety pressure equalization elements are a special highlight. In addition to the pressure equalization function, which prevents the formation of condensation water, these offer another important function. If the pressure is too high, the system opens up and allows hot gases to escape to the outside (e.g. in the event of a thermal runaway). This reliably prevents the possible explosion of a battery or inverter housing, for example.

Safety Pressure Equalisation Solutions

DAE PA / 13087512   Pressure balance element to avoid water condensation in highly sealed enclosures.

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Material Group: 503 DAE Standard

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Technical data

MaterialPolyamide 6
Flat sealNBR
Einsatztemperaturfrom -40°C to 100°C
Protection ClassIP66/68/69K
Connecting ThreadMetric
Air flow
δ=min. 70 mbar l/h
Entry ThreadM 12 x 1.5
L10.0 mm
H max.17.50

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